Sudbury West Nipissing Meat Producers


The Sudbury West Nipissing Meat Producers are a local group of farmers dedicated to producing local trusted products. Many of our farms have been passed down through generations and the extensive experience and quality we possess is unmatched. Each farm is unique, producing quality meat and processing our product through Creative Meats for our customer needs.


In February 2007, local farmers frustrated with low cattle prices, increasing production costs and the lack of services in Northern Ontario formed a committee, known as the Agriculture Steering Committee, composed of beef and dairy producers from the Sudbury District and West Nipissing areas and were responsible to find solutions to lack of services and keep northern Ontario beef in the Sudbury and West Nipissing areas.

In January 2008, the Agriculture Steering Committee began working with Creative Meats to develop a membership and offer services that reflected the needs of local beef producers. This membership offered the opportunity to market cattle locally, buy locally and promote value added beef products. This membership provided stability to the local meat producer, stimulate the local beef industry in the Sudbury West Nipissing by providing local, ethically raised meat to the consumer in his/her community and secure a long term sustainability in the beef industry.

By September 2008, the group, known as the Producer Group, consisted of twenty nine beef, dairy and bison producers from the Sudbury and West Nipissing municipalities, formed a membership with Creative Meats, investing a sum of money to renovate the abattoir, purchase new equipment and make the necessary upgrades to comply with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

 At present, and in the 3rd year of membership participation, the Sudbury West Nipissing Meat Producer Group and its Board of Directors work closely with the producer, butcher, and staff at Creative Meats through education in developing and promoting a quality and ethically raised local beef to our local consumers. The Sudbury West Nipissing Meat Producers Group and Creative Meats have committed to quality meats and customer service.


In 2009, Creative Meats and the Sudbury West Nipissing Meat Producer Group were winners of the 2008 Premier’s Award of Agri-Food Innovation and Excellence. The award recognizes the innovation of farmers in the agri-food sector.

Adrian Award - SWNMP Cow - SWNMP Tractor - SWNMP

Pictured: Chairman Adrian Verhoeven, on behalf of the Sudbury West Nipissing Meat Producer Group, and Michael Brown, MPP for Algoma - Manitoulin


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