La Ferme Idéale Ltée - SWNMP La Ferme Idéale Ltée
Marc & Alain Séguin

423 Montée Guerin
Noëlville, Ontario

La Ferme Idéale Ltée is established since 1973, when brothers Valois and Mario Seguin joined their farm machinery and dairy cattle into one operation. Primarily a dairy farm with Holsteins and some Belgian Blue beef cattle. There is 225 heads of cattle all together.

Marc and Alain; Valois’ sons now operate the farm which consists of 450 acres owned and 65 rented, all in hay and haylage production. Excess hay is sold. Our Dairy cows are mainly of the Holstein breed, selected for high milk yields. 30% have the Polled Gene*, Belgian Blues are a beef breed selected for high lean meat yields, the red colour, sound feet and legs, calving ability and the Polled Gene*.

*Polled Gene = Naturally hornless transmitted genetically, and eliminates dehorning.
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