Welcome to the Sudbury West Nipissing Meat Producers site! Here you will be able to explore the benefits of eating locally produced meat, gain insight on the process, and become familiar with our local producers.

You will also be informed on current prices, packages and specials and a list of products offered. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Creative Meats takes pride in the work they complete for each client and recognize that each order is unique. As a result of producing locally, Creative Meats offers the freshest products available, which are inspected regularly.

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Locally produced meat offers a healthy option than traditional supermarket meats and allows for consumer choice. In addition, eating locally produced meat is a natural way to improve your lifestyle and avoid any additives in meat products.

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Sudbury West Nipissing Meat Producers is comprised of a highly skilled team of local producers that bring years of experience and quality to the table.

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Products are available for purchase at Creative Meats. Creative Meats is a locally owned company and all meat is inspected provincially.

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